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Adopting a Cat/Kitten

You can’t buy love, but you can adopt it!

 So, you want a cat in your life? Bringing a cat home can be an awesome source of joy and companionship, PLUS there are so many kitties who need homes.

 All adoptions are subject to adoption fees and home checks

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Adopting a Cat

There are many benefits when you adopt a kitty.  For one, you will know if the kitten’s personality will match yours and if he/she will fit in with the rest of your family.  Secondly you will be helping us to free up space in a foster home for another kitten to be taken into foster care.  Help give these felines a second chance, by downloading and completing the adoption form found at the bottom of the “Adopt a Cat” section and email it to kpfadoption@gmail.com.

MakING a Donation

As we are a non-profit organization, we rely on donations to keep doing what we do to help these precious felines find a loving home and to continue our Trap-Neuter and Return programme.  Any donations are greatly appreciated

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What we do

Our Services

trap-neuter-return (TNR)

Feral cats are humanely trapped, spayed or neutered, vaccinated and returned to their outdoor homes, where they are monitored by our various feral cat carers.  We supply decent shelter, soft warm bedding, food and water to the ferals.

Non-Profit organisation

We are a registered non-profit organisation (NPO 209-132). We do this for the love of cats, but we do need donations to keep helping these precious felines. Please help us in any way that you can.

Finding KITTENS a Home

We make sure that the kittens in our care will find homes, where they will be loved and cared for, for the rest of their days.  Strict home inspections are done before the adoption application is approved.  We also assist families in picking a kitten that will fit in with the family.

Spay & Neuter

Cats can start reproducing as early as 4 months of age.  Sterilisation should be done around this age.  In addition to population control, sterilisation can also eliminate unpleasant behaviors of intact male cats, such as fighting and spraying.  It also minimizes the risk of contracting Feline AIDS and Feline Leukemia.  In females it can also prevent Pyometra, Cervical Cancer and of course prevent pregnancy.
What Drives Us

Our Mission

We are a NPO providing food, shelter and medical care to around 1000 feral cats in Kempton Park.  Our focus is on emphasizing the important role feral cats play in rodent control and creating awareness about these forgotten felines. We run a TNR programme (Trap, Neuter and Return) in Kempton Park to prevent unwanted kittens being born into a life of suffering. We also rescue, rehabilitate and re-home feral born kittens.  Some of these kittens are only a few hours or days old and require bottle feeding in order for them to survive. Our mission is to create healthy, controlled feral cat colonies and give all the feral cats in our area a chance at a better quality of life.

Get Involved

Do you have a loving heart and love cats? Then we need your help. Register to become a volunteer and help us, help the cats today. We just know that the cats will love you for it! Register below and become our newest volunteer and start helping the cats today.

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